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Omg The Boy just sent me a 3-page text describing the dinner he made and asked if I had eaten yet and I literally just had a can of spaghettios and I’m so embarrassed to say that

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God, last night the girl ex-boything was in love with forever who I hated forever because I was always comparing myself to her and EVERYONE fucking loved her and was in love with her and I took the bus together (which was like, an hour long) because she was going to hang out with my ex-boything for the first time in a loooong time and we talked basically just shit talked him and ~bonded~ and it was really REALLY weird…we had never talked in depth before and it was so bizarre. She’s also good friends with my current Boy which is annoying b/c I can’t help but feel like he’ll fall in love with her and I’ll just automatically feel inadequate and dumb about the whole thing. Anyway. It was so weird to spend time with her and actually acknowledge all the weirdness we’ve dealt with for the past year and a half. She just called me and I got too nervous to answer the phone. What’s happening. This is too weird.

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OMG I always get overly excited about stuff, BUT The Boy said he’d be down for road tripping to Colorado to see my best friend (he knows her too!) and visit his friend that lives out there and we could go within the next month or so!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Also, since he’s going to Paris in either February or May for 5 months, my step-mom was like, “…maybe the family could all pitch in and buy you a ticket out there for you birthday or Christmas so you can visit him” AHHHHHHHHHHH.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY The Boy is house sitting for his parents for the week like, an hour or more away from here, so I wasn’t going to see him ‘til Monday, but he just asked if I wanted him to pick me up tonight and take me out there to hang out with him :))))))))))

Update: that boy and I are still seeing each other and I’m loving it so much. Very happy. Ex-boything knows about it now and is cool-ish with it. Wish I didn’t have to live with him, but don’t know how to get out of this lease/I love this apartment and wish he would leave, but still pay me rent. The Boy is out of town this week and I’m sad about it, but he’ll be back on Monday. THAT’S SO FAR AWAY what the hell. Luckily, he’s been texting and snapchatting me, so it’s okay. I love it. But it’s just reminding me of how he’ll eventually be leaving for Paris for 5 months in either February or May…it’s far away, but still something that’s always in the back of my mind. My dad’s officially in rehab. Apparently his detoxing has been pretty rough, but he’s being a champion and my step-mom can go see him tomorrow. I don’t know what’s gonna happen after rehab though. Their marriage has been strained for so many years that I think they both know it’s irreparable and while she’s 100% willing and able to help him through this, it doesn’t mean their marriage is going to work out. Weird times. Trying to focus on happy things without falling into my habit of ONLY focusing on happy things and burying the sad things deep, deep down and repressing/ignoring them for later.