Seriously my boyfriend is the biggest goddamn sweetheart I cannot get over it. Last night I was being a dumb idiot baby and got jealous and insecure around his best girl friend and made a fool of myself and accused him of liking her which is SO not okay (to be fair, I had just worked a double shift at 4am and told him it wasn’t a good time to meet her, but he talked me into it) and he was really sad about that and I immediately regretted it and felt so stupid and thought I had ruined everything and he wouldn’t get over it and realize I was too dumb of a baby to be with, but he was so forgiving and talked me through my insecurities and sigh. He’s too good. Love love love.

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Questioni obv don't know details but if i had a platonic friend who hung out with someone my ex left me for i would be livid, let alone a boyfriend?? i'm sure you can trust him and everything, but i feel like he should respect that she caused something that really hurt you, and should keep his distance? Answer

A huge part of me thinks that obviously, but they’ve also been good friends for a long time so it feels wrong to be like, “Now that we’re together you can’t hang out with her because of something that happened that had nothing to do with you.” He’s in a weird place too, so it’s gonna be weird and awkward, but I don’t want to be THAT girlfriend.

I also went into the relationship knowing they were buddies soooo I can’t get too upset about it. Even though IDEALLY she would leave the country forever and not ever have anything to do with my boyfriend ever again……

He asked if I’d be mad if he went skydiving with her and I said I wouldn’t be mad, but feel yucky and gross about it and ugh. He’s too sweet and is being too nice about my dumb insecurities, it’s just something I wish wasn’t a thing I had to deal with again. I KNOW he’s not my shitty ex-boyfriend, I just still hate it all.

Motherfucker why is every guy I date friends with this goddamn girl who ruined my life?? Seriously, everyone is obsessed with her and in love with her and my ex LEFT me to pursue her and my current boyfriend is friends with her and is hanging out with her right now and jesus christ. He just texted asking if I want to go skydiving this saturday and they go skydiving together so I feel like shes going with and I’m not going to awkwardly tag along??? WHY IS SHE IN MY LIFE ALWAYS.

I’ve spent so much time with The Boy over the last few days and I love it so much. I spent the night Wednesday night and then we went to the Puyallup Fair yesterday for like, 10 hours!!! We did all of the rides (except I don’t do the super spinny ones, barf), but it was so much fun. Then I thought he’d just drop me off at home, but he took me back to his house and we sat on his roof for awhile then had awesome sex and then passed out from being exhausted. I keep wanting to tell him I love him and I don’t think it’d be crazy, but I’m not ready to take that chance and possibly ruin things ahhh. He’s the sweetest, cutest, silliest boy and I just think he’s the best.

I’ve been on my period for like, 10 days which I know is not THAT long, but I used to only get it for 2-3 days and it was so predictable and easy!!! Now I’ve been HEAVY bleeding for 10 days and it’s so annoying and I just want to have sex and not worry about bleeding everywhere, YA KNOW

The Boy always calls me “Lady” and it’s so cute. He’s always like, “Hey Lady, how are you?” If anyone else called me Lady I would think it was weird and gross, but the way he says it is too cute. ALSO, he wakes up really early for work and I usually get up with him and walk home when he’s walking to the bus (we live like, 5 houses away from each other heh), but lately the second I sit up to start getting ready and pushes me down and goes, “Nope. Stay here and sleep!” And lets me sleep in his bed until I need to wake up :)))))))) And then he’ll sleepily tuck me in and kiss me. HERE’S A SECRET I think I’m a little bit in love with him, but I’m nervous to let myself be content and happy and we haven’t even discussed what we’re doing, so it’s a lil scary. But right now I’m a happy camper :)))))))

Where are my tweezers????????